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3. Narayan Vv [selvamvv63]   (2016-04-15 8:20 AM)
Thank you Saptharishi team for making software available

sincere regards
Country: India | City: Palakkad | State: Kerala

2. sreenivas sharma [seenusharma]   (2015-08-23 5:14 AM)
This is realy good wok by Saptarishi team.
hats off to them about their commitment to share this subject for open mind astrologers.
My request is make the search easy for particular life style
short life, middle life, long life,  so this will become authentic for those who have critics without any knowledge.
Add Indian life style and database so Indian feel it is our needed platform to learn and share
thank you the team
Country: India | City: Bangalore | State: Karnataka

1. Debbie Mayer [dvrsi]   (2014-12-25 3:37 AM)
Thank you for making this software program available.
Country: USA | City: Roseville | State: CA


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