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What is SRS

SRS (Saptarishis Research Software) constitutes nearly 29,975 charts database which is searchable in terms of combinations in various forms. These charts have been taken from Lois Roddens database www.astrodatabank.com . SRS is completely free software for the jyotish industry and also for western astrology professionals.

Version : 1.06

Size : 3.77 Mb

Option 1: For SRS 1.06 Executable Version, Download Here : SRS 1.06

Option 2: For windows 7 & Windows 8 Users, Download winrar version Here : SRS 1.06

Option 3: For Windows Xp Users, Download Winzip Version Here : SRS 1.06 

Note-> For Windows Xp Users : Before downloading SRS 1.06 in Windows Xp systems  must confirm .Netframe work 3.5 already installed if not , please download it from Microsoft website ( http://www.microsoft.com/en-in/download/details.aspx?id=21 ) , it is a basic platform required for installing SRS 1.06 in Windows Xp Systems.

For More Information, Please check FAQ Tab for Software Downloading Help, Any Query email Rocky Jamwal@rock7wndr@gmail.com.

How to Use :

Dear Users please register and log-in before downloading SRS 1.06 software. Those users who are facing problem in Downloading from Site menu tabs can download it using above mentioned links for direct registration and downloading it same.

 You can use SRS 1.6 by clicking on below mentioned link :

Salient Features:

  • It can perform various searches viz: Mars Rahu in 10H to for a Gemini Asc Jupiter Ketu in 8H to a particular planet in a particular nakshatra to a particular planet retrograde or stationary in a particular house.

  • Primarily the database contains western celebrities/individuals and their story/events can be read by clicking on respective ADB  for their life story with events and dates.

  • It can export charts in the Export folders in Jhora format.

  • You can save the chart in Jpeg by just right clicking on the chart and saving it on desired folder and then pasting it in facebook by simple application of opening the jpeg Ctrl C and Ctrl V on facebook.

Applications & Future Updates of SRS

  • In the last thousands of years what has happened is we have read the classics of the Rishis /Authors, just read their shlokas and found the conditions mentioned un-workable in our Instant Judgemental minds and thereby ignored the verses. Without testing it on 100/1000 charts we have made conclusions on the Rishis work. This has to be remedied we all knew it internally but where would we get 1000 for Saturn in the 8th to test the oft quoted dictum that Saturn in the 8th house gives long longevity. But with the advent of SRS this is remedied since you get 1000 charts with Saturn in the 8th house, only thing you have to do is the hard work of reading the respective biographies of each of the 1000 charts.

  • In Future we would be having a segment where users of SRS can load charts from their own database and share for the world to use it. It would be categorised under various professions/number of siblings/number of children/diseases/events and so on. This would be only possible when users open their heart and share to the world jyotish community their database for future research either from their personal database or from books that contain many charts. Out of the 1 million astrologers online even if 10% or 1 % share 10 charts out of their database with 5 events we would have within a short span 100,000 ‘Additional’ charts categorised according to profession & other type of events.

  • In Future to add more searchable options

  • In Future to create databases of categories like Professions and create searches within that database to find out common combinations/factors.



  With thanks and Regards,

Team Sapatarishis Research Software

Ehsan Kh

Vikas Jindal

Rocky Jamwal

+91-9086055767 (Admin)

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